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Floor TilesHow do I choose the right floor tile for me?

Important decision factors such as the right choice of material, the right thickness, the right surface sealing for the intended use are seldom dealt with due to ignorance and then find an important place in the on-site consultation.

Due to the increased use of the convenient internet when selecting tiles, it often happens that customers show us pictures of the selected tiles on their mobile phones and ask for exactly this tile.

In our experience, only stylistic decision criteria have been taken from the feeling for the decision. In addition, colours, colour effects and texture do not really appear real on a picture, especially on a display, so that we strongly recommend that you come to the exhibition to see alternative floor tiles live, feel the surface and, above all, check the combination with adjacent other tiles or other materials carefully in order to be able to make a safe decision after a well-founded expert consultation.
Floor tiles

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