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Wall TilesUse the right wall tile for your kitchen, bathroom or hallway

Some aspects must be considered for each wall tile, others only for special use.

For example, if you want to embellish your bathroom with a wall tile or if you have to expect splashing oil in the kitchen in the area of the stove, the surface requirements vary depending on the area of application.

If, for example, you choose a surface that does not fit in this case, you run the high risk of oil drops being absorbed into the stone and leaving marks and discolouration forever. If you choose a sensitive surface and clean it daily with a cleaner that makes it easy to remove oil-grease and other films of lubricant that look unattractive on the surface, this too can damage the joints and surface over time and create an unattractive appearance.

Another area of stress for a wall tile is e.g. the bathroom. Here a tile is the ideal material because it is easy to clean, robust and waterproof. However, choosing the right wall tile is also very important here so that lime does not stick to the surface. Here too, cleaners that promise to be particularly effective are not always suitable for all surfaces.

Enhance your corridor, the entrance for each of your visitors, with a stylish wall tile. This will not only give you a special look, but also a dirt-resistant and renovation-friendly result.
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